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WP2: Deployment and Implementation of the pilot

Objective: Deployment and implementation of a set of services in the pilots oriented to enhance the user-experience of the EV in the different cities.
List of services to be deployed:

  • Monitoring of the location and use status of charging points via specific hardware devices and/or smart phones.
  • Reservation of charging points in advance.
  • Integration of payment methods for users. There are different depending on the party in charge of the management of the charging point, the city, etc. (Roaming)
  • Creation of an interconnected network of charging points accessed by Energy Management Companies.
  • Monitoring of the network status (in-use status, energy pricing, car location, charging points usage, etc.) thanks to the creation of a General Management System (GMS).
  • Creation of an interconnected network of charging points in different cities.
  • Cross-billing services among Energy managers. Users use non location-based points and then its energy provider can invoice them.
  • Economic & environmental impact studies on the use of e-bus in the local transportation system (1 bus).
  • Promote the use of EV to meet their strategic plans in improving air quality, reducing congestion improving mobility, and energy efficiency plans.
  • Creation of a unique “travel card” allowing to pay different modes of transport, parking and charging
  • Standardisation of different instruments within the infrastructures of the pilots (charging points, communications standards, charging methods, software protocols, etc.).
  • Creation of tool for verification of unique identification for EVs, EV users and charging stations.
  • Creation of specific ICT services for the management of the new e-car sharing ervice.
  • Identification of % of usage of renewable sources in the electricity used for the EV charges.


  1.  Smart charging points conversion
  2. Intercommunication of global management systems
  3. Services and technologies for drivers
  4. Integration of technologies
  5. Monitoring of pilots data


  • Integration of technologies report (1 per city)
  • Smart software applications for EV driving assistance
  • GMS or IMS systems
  • Smart charging posts
  • Data monitoring report

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ICT4EVEU - ICT Services for Electric Vehicle Enhancing the User Experience

This project is partially funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme by the European Community.